Advanced Skincare Devices
Among the many skincare devices available today, the LightStim is one of the most advanced. It
provides profound healing by improving collagen damage and loss. This device uses four
wavelengths of red LED light 除毛, working together to improve cell function. It can improve skin
surface texture, reduce wrinkles, and produce baby skin cells. However, to experience the full
benefits, you must use the device at least five nights a week. LightStim is not for the faint of
heart, and it requires a dedicated use.

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PMD Beauty
The PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro is a new and innovative facial cleansing device
with sonic vibration technology This device has four customizable modes that gently clean skin
with four different pressure levels. It uses a hygienic silicone brush head, which never needs to
be replaced. The ActiveWarmth technology helps skincare products penetrate deeper into the
skin and improve effectiveness. Its patented ActiveWarmth technology activates the skincare by
applying heat to the skin, which enhances the absorption and effectiveness of products.
This groundbreaking skincare device is a breakthrough in science and technology. Developed
for super-sensitive and reactive skin, Droplette uses water-based formulas that contain only the
ingredients your skin needs. There are no fillers or unnecessary additives, making Droplette an
environmentally conscious choice for consumers. For $39 to $79 for a Deluxe Pack, the
Droplette costs a fraction of the price of its nearest competitor, Foreo.

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Dr. Arrivo Zeus II
The Dr. Arrivo Zeus II is a skincare device that is updated from the Dr. Arrivo The Zeus. It uses a
new, larger surface area and patented Ultra Pulse technology to stimulate facial muscles and
boost collagen production. This device also promotes increased blood circulation, tightening
facial muscles, and smoothing skin texture. The Zeus II is a great tool for people who want to
maintain a youthful appearance.
UP6 device
UP6 is a galvanic ion skincare massage device with 6 different modes for deep cleansing, eye
care, elasticity and wrinkle care. Its titanium head is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. The
device is easy to use with a slide-touch panel. Its 6 galvanic modes will help to improve the
effects of your skincare routine. You can order it from the company’s website and expect to
receive it in 10 to 15 days.
A breakthrough in skincare, MiTAMA is a new, revolutionary system that utilizes microcurrent
and nanocurrent signals to activate the body’s natural repair mechanisms. By utilizing these

frequencies, MiTAMA aims to help the skin achieve its maximum collagen production, elasticity,
and radiance. In addition to the skin-lifting properties of MiTAMA, this device also stimulates the
production of hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and firms skin.